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Quelques réponses aux questions que vous vous posez

  • Bonanza Bux is a GetPaidTo program allowing you to earn extra bucks online every day using exclusive features.

  • Only one account per household is allowed. We use a strict verification process to ensure everyone is compliant with this rule. If taken to have registered several account, all of them will be terminated without any further notice and all earnings will be lost.

  • In many cases you earn points that are regularly (about 2 times a month) converted according to a rate calculted on the site revenue base. You also may convert your earned points manually once accumulated a minimum of 100pts. Some actions as offerwalls are directly paid in €.

  • We propose a multi level referring system that allows member to earn from their own referrals under 4 levels deep. We think this is a good way to make money online without any big effort. But you should notice that Bonanza Bux is NOT AT ALL a MLM System, Pyramidal, Matrix Ponzi scheme.

  • We have a no miminmum policy concerning withrawals. Nevertheless, you MUST be active and accomplish some achievements before each withdrawal. You should notice that withrawal are not instant and are subject to verification.

  • At that time, withdrawals are only possible with Paypal. But there are other ways to use your bucks on the site: 1 - You can shop physical goods (connected or not) or electronic ones (Gift, game or even crypto cards,...). 2 - You can also use your money to advertise your projects directly through the site.

  • If you are a site owner, we offer the opportunity to rentabilise your ad space displaying banners (CPM and/or CPC). Your site must be controlled and authorized first.

  • It is possible to advertise without being a member but you have to contact us to explain what you want to display on the site (banner, PTC, offer,...) and so become a kind of partner. You have to notice that your ad sould never display adult, pornographic images nor illegal content.

Need some more informations? Don't hesitate to let us know by contacting us