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CGU - Règlement

I. Sign up process

TI. 1) The subscription to Bonanza Bux ( is free and will always be. The site and all of its components are opened and accessible to everyone who complies with the present rules. The sign up process is very simple and takes only one minute. You must fill in the form with valid personal credentials. You MUST have read and accepted our rules.

I. 2) Subscription is limited to only one per household (internet connexion). If not respected, the whole accounts created within the same household might be closed without any further notice.

II. personal datas

II. 1) Users have a right of access and rectification of their own personal datas. This right can be exerced from their member's area or by mailing the admin.

II. 2) Datas entered during the sign up process only allow the member to identify and access his area. They will never sold or given to tiers.

II. 3) If "receive partners newsletter" is clicked, you accept to occasionnally receive some newsletter from us or our close partners (max once a week).

III. Functionnalities

III. 1) By using Bonanza Bux features, you can earn points des points. Many ways to earn are offered: paid to clic, shortlinks, affiliaiton (referral earnings 4 levels deep), page and banner diffusion, games, offerwalls, and much more...

III. 2) Point value is not worth any monetary value. Earned points are converted every first week of next month according to a rate calculated on the site revenue. You may convert your earned points by yourself whenever you want when reaching at least 100 points. You should keep in mind that 20% deducted from the rate will be be applied when converting you points. For instance, if the month rate is equal to 1$ CPM, you can convert you points without waiting for next mont rate at a rate of 0.80$ (1$ - (1$ x 20%)).

III. 3) Bonanza Bux cannot garanty a 24h/24 7j/7 online access and is not responsible of technical incidents that might lead to usd or points loss.

III. 4) Bonanza Bux reserves the right to modify at any moment a member earning if rules are not respected.

III. 5) Bonanza Bux reserves the right to close member account if earnings and points are obtained in a fraudulent and illegal way.

III. 6) If frames, Iframe, Popups, popunder are used when displaying PTP page , it MUST have a size of minimum 700 px height and the whole page large.

III. 7) Multi PTP page are strictely forbidden. We ask you to give the exclusivity to Bonanza Bux, and not to display another PTP page at the same time in the frame.

III. 8) Self promotion of your PTP page is sctricty forbidden. This can lead you to lose all earnings and be banned if you are caught using different IPs.

IV. Withdrawal and Gifts

IV. 1) Once your points converted in real money and as soon as you reach the minimum payout for request, you can ask for a payment. At that time, payment can only be done by Paypal. You can also choose to buy gift card or goods using directly your earned money.

IV. 2) Bonanza Bux pays on a NET15 basis, Gifts cards and goods are sent according to the merchant rules.

IV. 3) Bonanza Bux ne peut garantir que les filleuls attribués aléatoirement aux VIP ou achetés depuis la boutique, seront actifs.

V. Referrals and Affiliation

V. 1) Every member can refer their friends, family or every person they know. Bonanza Bux offers you to earn a percentage of the displayal of your referrals as follow : Paid to click / Shortlinks / Offerwalls => 20% at level #1, 14 % at level #2, 8 % at level #3 and 2 % at level #4; PTP diffusion : 7% at level #1, 5 % at level #2, 3 % at level #3 and 1 % at level #4.

V. 2) You can promote your link by mail, forums or any website. Use of SPAM is sctrictly prohibited and can lead to definitive suspension of your account without any further notice.

VI. Miscellaneous

VI. 1) These terms can be modified without further notice by Bonanza Bux.

VI. 2) When signing up to Bonanza Bux you accept to follow the present rules, all infraction will be sanctioned.

VI. 3) the whole content of Bonanza Bux is naturally subjected to author rights (images, text, brands,...), if anyone wants to use them too, they must ask the respective authors.

VI. 4) Every thing bought via Bonanza Bux is reputate definitive and non refundable.

VII. Advertising

VII. 1) Le ou les sites proposés sur Bonanza Bux offers you the opportunity to display your ads, sites or projects to any one and/or any member but we don't and will never support illicit, pornographic, racist; discriminatory or vulgary character.